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Roomate wanted... 
09:59pm 17/10/2006
  We have a spot open in our wonderful house at the corner of 23rd and Hoover, and you could be the one to fill it! Here's the skinny:

- $490 a month
- Shared room (Sorry ladies, the room's for fellas only at this time)
- All mod cons included (Power, water, gas, cable, broadband & wireless internet)
- Kitchen with dishwasher
- Parking in the driveway

Anyway, it's a great, charming old house filled with cool people. The bathrooms and kitchen were recently redone, so those are particularly spiffy right now. The room already has a wardrobe and dresser in there, so if you don't have anything of that sort of your own, you're covered in that regard too. Oh yeah, and we're mostly film students, with a couple others mixed in, and we're pretty laid back. So give us a try!
Roommates wanted... 
08:14pm 07/09/2006
  So two vacancies have opened in the house I'm living in. It's a big pink Victorian style house located next to the Arco station at 23rd and Hoover. Rent is about $480 a month and you'll be living with about 9 other people. It's a big house though, so you'll have plenty of privacy. So, anyone looking to improve their living situation just post a comment and we can discuss further details.  
01:30pm 17/08/2006
mood: curious
So... I've been plugging away at a "real job" for nearly six years.

It's been such a sad long time since I finished my BA in Theatre at USC it kills me.

Do any of you currently work in a space or with a company? Do any of you know of a company who could maybe use someone to AD or ASM?

Naturally I got a lot of acting training but I have little to no interest in acting. I prefer to work backstage and it's not cliched (I hope) to say I really would prefer to direct.

The trouble being I'm not in lots of money for renting space, getting help to do the tech, bringing in whatever costumes and set pieces I can get my hands on (I know this can be done on the cheap, but I barely keep my head above water as it is) and I know only a few people interested in doing any theatre. More people would like to do film but that's just not a media that suits me.

I'm pretty much just idly wondering what help LiveJournal can be. If something here makes a light go on, please feel free to comment or send me an email - friendswithtime at hotmail

I'm working on a couple of other avenues but I figured I'd give el-Jay a shot as well. Thanks!

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Set construction help needed (FREE FOOD!) 
04:45pm 15/04/2006
  The USC independent student production of "The Dumb Waiter" needs YOUR help. If you are available between 4:30 and 8:30 on thursday, April 20, come by the Village Gate theatre next to Starbucks in the UV for an afternoon of free food and set building. Contact me ASAP via email (nyurick@usc.edu), phone (213-453-8003), or just post a comment with your contact info. This is crucial to our ability to put on this particular performance of the show. Hope to see you there.  
And again 
01:28pm 08/02/2006
  Wow, the sky's been hella gross lately. Hope all you assmar sufferers are keeping yourselves locked up inside as much as possible, like I have. My sinuses have been killing me, although I do appreciate the (strangely) warm weather. ANYWHO

So I'm holding some auditions for a scene I have to prepare and shoot for class. Unfortunately, the scene calls for older actors, so I can't call on you talented USC actors. BUT I do need an actor to read lines for auditions. The scene is from the play/movie Frankie and Johnny...and you can be a guy or a girl as long as you're down with perhaps reading the opposite gender (hope that made sense). Auditions are from 6-9:00pm on Friday February 10th, in Lucas 313

If you could help me out that'd be hella awesome. I don't really have anything to give you in return...except I'd be down to smoke ya out (if you're into that)

Lemme know

eracosta at usc dot edu

Thanks guys : )

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05:40pm 26/10/2005
  So, Saturday night (10/29/05)....

What are y'all doing?

Guess what? Me and my partner Vicky desperately need like, 10 extras to play high school students walking around after school

We will be filming on campus on Trousdale, at that fountain in front of Student Union and across the way from Tommy Trojan. If y'all could help us out, that would be GREAT. The time? 6-10:00pm. The look? High school! You will be fed & amused - I promise

Yes yes, we know it's after the homecoming game. We know you'd rather be trashed. But maybe you could spare like, two hours? Pleeease? (Fight on! btw)

You can reach me at my LJ, my AIM (thepoetdog), or my email (eracosta[at]usc[dot]usc)


Peace out, homefry
BIG GAME HUNTERS Presents... A Night of Sketch Comedy... 
08:31am 23/03/2005
  Image hosted by Photobucket.com  
10:14pm 23/01/2005
  Hi, my name's Liana and I'm a film student currently taking 290 (5 video projects over the semester). I'm shooting a film next weekend and am interested in casting from the theater school. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place I could post flyers where people would see them, or if there's any sort of website for this type of thing. Thanks!  
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BIG GAME HUNTERS - sketch comedy at its finest 
03:39am 09/12/2004


11:13pm 21/10/2004
  2 questions:
* in the audition process, what is it that the auditors want to see most. [connection, piece selection, physical committment, etc]

* when i look at the photographs of the theatre dept, i notice that their is an extremely low amount of minorities. how many minorities, on average-not suggesting that it is a set amount-are accepted a year?

05:09pm 10/10/2004
  hey, are there any ways to get involved w/ theater at USC if you're not a theater major? I'm a PhD student in earth science, but in undergrad(at Villanova) I was really into tech theater.. I got the minor, tech directed/designed sets/stage managed for both the student groups on campus, took graduate design courses and so on. (I even acted a little but I'm not that good, so I usually stick to scenic art which is my real skill) I'd love to get involved here if I can, but since its such a big performance school I dunno if non-theater majors are welcome. Any suggestions let me know! Thanks :-)  
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Attn: all USC School of Theatre students 
07:55pm 23/08/2004
mood: anxious
I was wondering if any of you have Lora Zane as your teacher. If you do could someone please help me get her email address or some way that I can contact her. If she or anyone else asks why you need this information just tell them that you know someone who took the ACTING WORKSHOP SUMMER SEMINAR this summer from her and they would like to see if they could get a letter of reccommendation for their application. Thank you sooooooo much!!!
spring musical 
12:16pm 01/08/2004
  Anybody know what the spring musical will be, and what weekends it will be performed?  
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01:55am 15/07/2004
  Hey everyone...! I'm an incoming freshman majoring as a BA in theatre next year...I can't wait...but a quick question to those in the know: I hear there's an improv group on campus (Commedus Interruptus--forgive the spelling)...how do you get into the group? Is there an audition? Thanks!

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Hello, Theater Folks 
09:53pm 06/07/2004
  I am in the process of transferring out of USC at the moment (I spent the past two years as a creative writing/musical theater student, and will spend the next two at Western Washington University.) I was in 'Oklahoma' and 'Patience' at USC (this is me here: http://theatre.usc.edu/gallery/archive/2004-spring/Patience/IMG_0004.JPG)
Depending on when Western's spring break is, I'll probably be roadtripping it back down to LA to see the show next year.
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just saying hi 
08:07pm 06/07/2004
  hi, i'm carl. i'm a creative writing major right now but i'm on file at the theatre school for the ba program. anyway, kudos to minibrit for starting the community and i'm looking forward to meeting you guys.  
¿ce va? 
05:01pm 06/07/2004
  I hope USC Theatre alumni are welcome to join, too

I graduated this past May with a BA. Maybe i can be of some help, regardless if I know the answer, I'll certainly give you my opinion
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